Building Instructions



1. Using the wood pegs and some glue, attach the neck to the body of the Ukulele

2. Glue the fretboard down so the 12th fret (the one below the two dots) is inline with the top of body

3. Glue the nut at the top of the fretboard so the indents for the strings are facing up

4. Measure and mark where the bridge should go based off the picture with the dimensions in the product photos

4a. Glue the bridge in place and let sit until mostly dried
4b. Screw the longer screws into the bridge where the two indents are (you may want to drill small holes all the way through or start a hole with a small nail first, it is very hard to do without doing so)

5. Glue the saddle to the bridge in the slot closest to the sound hole

6. Tape around the fretboard and bridge if desired and paint your ukulele

7. Add the plastic circles to the front side of the head of the ukulele

8. Screw in the tuning pegs into the back of the head so the gear is facing down towards the body of the Uke

9. String your Ukulele making sure to use the thickest strings for the lowest notes